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Tips For Renting A Wedding Tent

Holding an outdoor wedding can be a wonderful way to enjoy nature and beautiful views. However, if you are wanting to hold your wedding outdoors, you may want to rent a tent for the reception. For those that do not have experience renting wedding tents, there are some tips that should be followed to avoid […]

Struggling With Impossible-To-Buy-For Friends And Family Members? What Are Your Options?

If every holiday season and milestone birthday has you struggling for the perfect gift for a parent, sibling, or close friend who is tough to purchase for, you may be wondering whether there are any options that haven’t already been used (or vetoed) in years past and hoping you won’t need to resort to old, […]

Four Unique Venue Options For Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event doesn’t mean having to rent a conference room or banquet hall to accommodate your guests. In fact, there are many unique options available to create truly memorable experiences for your guests. Whether you are hosting an annual shareholders meeting or a black-tie fundraiser, the following venue ideas can give you a […]

Pregnant And Want To Get Married Before The Baby Comes? Vegas Has Got Great Options For You

Having a baby out of wedlock is something that is not acceptable in many families. If you have discovered that you are pregnant and want to be able to get married quickly and affordably, you may want to consider a Vegas wedding. Getting married in Vegas allows you to have the real wedding you want, […]

Beyond The Barn: 4 Unconventional Choices For Your Rustic Wedding

Country weddings have become very popular for good reason. A rustic wedding provides a simple charm and lends itself to natural floral arrangements, untreated wood and a celebration of the sweetness and innocence of love. Are you planning a country wedding but looking for a venue different from a barn? Here are four venue choices […]

Make Your Guests Comfortable At Your Next Outdoor Event

If you are planning an outdoor event, make sure that your guests are comfortable in any weather. Even the best-laid plans can never predict when rain, wind, or even heat-wave can roll through and cause your guests to be uncomfortable. When making party plans, be sure to think about the various scenarios that could cause […]

Things To Consider Before Becoming A Life Coach

If you’re one of the many people who would like to be their own boss, have their own business and help others, you may want to consider becoming a life coach. This field is expected to grow by 28 percent through 2020, which means the overall job prospects should be good for those with the […]

Creating A Video For Your Parents Milestone Anniversary

If it is a milestone anniversary or even just a milestone year for your parents, this would be the perfect time to throw them an anniversary party. The main event of an anniversary party is typically the speeches. Instead of having a main speaker for the event, you and your siblings can come together and […]

4 Keys To Success In Planning A Corporate Event For Your Small Business

As a small business owner, stepping up and planning an event for your employees is one of the best things you can do to make everyone feel included and appreciated. Planning a corporate event, no matter how large or small the business may be, can be a huge undertaking. To make sure your outdoor event […]

Avoid The Winter Blues — 4 Tips For Photographing The Perfect Snowy Wedding

Planning a winter wedding is a great opportunity to let the season give your wedding a unique feeling. From wintry bouquets to comfort food to layered winter wear, a snowy setting can add a beautiful touch to any ceremony. But capturing all that snowy goodness on film can be a bit of a challenge. How […]