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Planning A Surprise Wedding As An Anniversary Gift

Are you excited because your wedding anniversary is coming up? If you are not good at buying gifts, there are other ways that you can surprise your spouse on the special occasion. For instance, if you and your spouse never had a wedding ceremony in front of friends and family, planning one will be a great anniversary gift. Just keep in mind that there will be numerous things involved with planning a wedding ceremony, so it isn't ideal to wait until the last minute to put everything in order. Read More 

Tips For Renting A Wedding Tent

Holding an outdoor wedding can be a wonderful way to enjoy nature and beautiful views. However, if you are wanting to hold your wedding outdoors, you may want to rent a tent for the reception. For those that do not have experience renting wedding tents, there are some tips that should be followed to avoid potential problems and complications with this rental. Opt For A Tent With A Frame When choosing a tent, many people will overlook the placement of interior support poles. Read More 

Struggling With Impossible-To-Buy-For Friends And Family Members? What Are Your Options?

If every holiday season and milestone birthday has you struggling for the perfect gift for a parent, sibling, or close friend who is tough to purchase for, you may be wondering whether there are any options that haven't already been used (or vetoed) in years past and hoping you won't need to resort to old, tired gift cards. Fortunately, there are a few choices that can surprise and inspire the recipient while fitting into just about every gift-giving budget. Read More 

Four Unique Venue Options For Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event doesn't mean having to rent a conference room or banquet hall to accommodate your guests. In fact, there are many unique options available to create truly memorable experiences for your guests. Whether you are hosting an annual shareholders meeting or a black-tie fundraiser, the following venue ideas can give you a unique way to show off your business and give your guests a fun way to spend an evening. Read More 

Pregnant And Want To Get Married Before The Baby Comes? Vegas Has Got Great Options For You

Having a baby out of wedlock is something that is not acceptable in many families. If you have discovered that you are pregnant and want to be able to get married quickly and affordably, you may want to consider a Vegas wedding. Getting married in Vegas allows you to have the real wedding you want, without any of the major planning that comes along with a more traditional type of marriage. Read More 

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Learning About Fun Activities Planning For Events

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