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Focus On These Safety Rules When You Rent A Bounce House

Renting a bounce house for your child's upcoming birthday party automatically puts you in the running for parent of the year, but it's important that you emphasize safety during the activity. While all the youngsters who attend the party will be eager to get bouncing, you need to spend time going over a number of critical safety rules to reduce the risk of injuries that could quickly put a damper on the party. It's ideal to recruit a couple other parents as safety volunteers, having them help you reinforce the rules and keep an eye out for violations once the action begins. Here are some key rules to focus on.

Limit The Number Of Bouncers

Different-sized bounce houses are built for different sizes of crowds inside them. Some bounce houses are meant for just one child at a time, while others are large enough that many children can actively participate together. Make sure that you know this crucial number when you rent the bounce house; typically, it will also be marked somewhere near the entrance of the house. Too many children bouncing in an enclosed area can be dangerous, but respecting the limit will make the activity safe.

Be Wary Of Wind

The last thing you want to do is stop the fun for your child and his or her friends, but you need to be aware of the weather conditions. Periods of high winds can potentially be dangerous, so you'll need to keep a smartphone handy and continuously monitor a weather-tracking app if the wind appears to be picking up. Generally, any winds greater than 20 or 25 miles per hour should call for you to empty the bounce house.

Remove Hard Objects

You might be quick to make sure that kids don't enter the bounce house wearing their shoes, but you should also ensure that no other hard objects make their way into the structure. Children who wear watches should remove them, and anything hard in a child's pockets should also be taken out. Those who wear glasses should also set their glasses in a safe location outside the bounce house before entering.

Watch For Horseplay

In larger bounce houses in which multiple children bounce at the same time, it's only natural for some kids to want to play rough. Tackling, body-checking and other forms of contact, however, are examples of risky behavior that you should watch for at all times. Make sure that all the kids know this rule before entering and don't hesitate to pull a child out if he or she is breaking the rule.

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