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Avoid The Winter Blues -- 4 Tips For Photographing The Perfect Snowy Wedding

Planning a winter wedding is a great opportunity to let the season give your wedding a unique feeling. From wintry bouquets to comfort food to layered winter wear, a snowy setting can add a beautiful touch to any ceremony. But capturing all that snowy goodness on film can be a bit of a challenge. How can you add cold-weather drama and charm to your wedding photography? Here are 4 tips for any winter wedding ceremony locations.

Use the Right Colors. Snowy white backgrounds can make your pictures stand out in a way that you won't get during any other season. You can use the bare, clean white to create eye-catching vignettes, especially if you sometimes oversaturate or increase contrast on the photo. Highlight specific items (such as bouquets, the bride/couple or the ring) by popping them with color.

Use Contrast. Winter sun can create some interesting shadows if you know what to look for. Spend some time outdoors in the venue before the wedding to understand how the sun and shadows fall on the areas selected for pictures and for the ceremony. Shadows or clouds can ruin the frosty background you want, or they can enhance the complexity of it. If needed, schedule your photo shoots for earlier in the day or at dusk to make the best use of the limited sun and higher contrast opportunities.

Cover Up. Cold weather can put a damper on your enthusiasm for an outdoor ceremony or photo shoot, so be prepared by using fun or beautiful winter wraps, coats, rain boots or umbrellas (depending on your climate). These have two advantages. First, they keep you, your bridal party, your guests and the photographer happier and warmer for longer. Secondly, they provide new and interesting props for your photographs. Don't be afraid to embrace the snow with your clothing style rather than try to ignore it.

Scope it Out. You never know what you're going to get in the winter. The sun can cause harsh glares and reflections, or clouds can move in and reduce everything to a fuzzy mish-mash of grey. The best way to handle these potential game-changers is to work with your photographer in advance to choose a variety of backgrounds – indoors and outdoors – and props for pictures. From the ceremony backdrop to the formal photos, your professional photographer will be best suited to know what will photograph well and what wouldn't. Use his or her expertise.

Winter wedding ceremonies are beautiful and compelling. By knowing how to use the weather to your advantage, you and your photographer can create pictures that will be equally beautiful and compelling for a lifetime.  

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