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Beyond The Barn: 4 Unconventional Choices For Your Rustic Wedding

Country weddings have become very popular for good reason. A rustic wedding provides a simple charm and lends itself to natural floral arrangements, untreated wood and a celebration of the sweetness and innocence of love. Are you planning a country wedding but looking for a venue different from a barn? Here are four venue choices for your rustic wedding that will take you beyond the barn. 

Say Your Vows Among the Veggies

Do you love farmland? Consider the crops as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony. 

Take a look at different crops to decide when to plan your special day. You could get married when a field of sunflowers is in bloom or when your guests can see cornstalks for miles. You can even get married in a strawberry field with lilacs blooming in the background. 

Be a Bridal Belle at a Southern Plantation

Sweeping views from a plantation down South set the stage for a classic, romantic wedding. A plantation lends itself to a country wedding with sophistication and flair and is the perfect way to have a formal wedding in a rustic location. Line fabric covered chairs along the front lawn to accommodate hundreds of your closest friends, and make a stunning entrance through beautiful mansion doors. 

Your plantation wedding will be the very definition of southern charm. 

Feel the Love in an Open Field

If the flower child vibe is more your personality, think about saying I do in a wide open field. You and your intended can surround yourself with green as you exchange your vows. Set up an arch of flowers near a rippling stream, or stand together in front of a lone tree. Decorate yourself and your surroundings with wildflowers to take advantage of the natural beauty. 

Be Beautiful in the Backyard

Do you know someone with a gorgeous backyard? Ask if you can use it for your rustic wedding ceremony. A backyard wedding lends itself to an upscale cookout in a sophisticated but simple setting. 

Hang lanterns or lights from trees, or put candles in a backyard pool. String flowers along fences and seat guests in pretty folding chairs. 

If the backyard is one where you spent childhood days, the sentimental value will make your wedding day even more special. 

You can definitely have a wonderfully rustic wedding without using a barn. Choose a location with a country feeling, and let your imagination fly free. 

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