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Four Unique Venue Options For Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event doesn't mean having to rent a conference room or banquet hall to accommodate your guests. In fact, there are many unique options available to create truly memorable experiences for your guests. Whether you are hosting an annual shareholders meeting or a black-tie fundraiser, the following venue ideas can give you a unique way to show off your business and give your guests a fun way to spend an evening.

Rent A Museum

Many museums across the country offer rooms for rent to corporate clients. You can select from a range of spaces within the museums, from executive conference rooms to rooftop party spaces. Museums provide a great deal of flexibility for different types of corporate events. You can host a family-friendly event for your clients and their little ones at a children's museum, or you can create an upscale affair at an art museum to entertain vendors. Work with your event planner to find the ideal museum space for your budget and for your event's theme.

Host A Golf Tournament

It's no surprise that a lot of business transactions take place on the golf course, so why not rent a golf course for an afternoon? You can rent the clubhouse for a catered lunch and arrange for a large group to take to the links for a round of golf. Arrange the tee-time to precede lunch so you can use the meal as an opportunity to close deals you've discussed on the golf course.

Charter A Yacht

If you do business in a city situated on a river, lake, or oceanfront, consider renting a charter boat or yacht for a corporate event. A boat rental is ideal for a black-tie reception for clients or for hosting a holiday party for your employees. Consider arranging for limousines to pick up your guests and drive them to the dock and have a red carpet receiving line ready to make this event even more special.

Rent A Theme Park

Many theme parks offer corporations and large groups the ability to buy out part or all of their venues for a day. This can offer a great opportunity to host an event for your clients, vendors, and employees simultaneously. Invite your guests and their families to spend the day at the theme park of your choosing, and kick off the event with a catered meal at one of the theme park's restaurants. You may be limited to certain times of the year for this option, as some them parks may not offer buy-outs or rentals during their busy seasons.

Corporate events can be a mixture of business and pleasure, and the right venue can make it easy to host a successful event. Use these unique ideas as inspiration for your next corporate gathering, and don't be afraid to have a little fun with your event theme. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like

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