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Struggling With Impossible-To-Buy-For Friends And Family Members? What Are Your Options?

If every holiday season and milestone birthday has you struggling for the perfect gift for a parent, sibling, or close friend who is tough to purchase for, you may be wondering whether there are any options that haven't already been used (or vetoed) in years past and hoping you won't need to resort to old, tired gift cards. Fortunately, there are a few choices that can surprise and inspire the recipient while fitting into just about every gift-giving budget. Read on for three unique gifts that may help you and your tough-to-buy-for friend or family member create some lasting memories.

Event tickets

Whether your intended recipient is a music buff, car geek, or sports fan, purchasing tickets (or an entire "fan experience package") from a company like Academy Tickets for a nearby event can be a great way to expand their horizons and create memories without the clutter of another gift to dust. Depending on your budget and the availability of events in your area, you may opt for a local concert or show or one that will require a flight and overnight stay. 

(If you're gifting more than one ticket, it's important not to attach any expectations to the others; nothing can ruin a gift more quickly than the giver expressing hurt feelings that he or she was not included in the relevant event or experience.) 

Gifts that give forward

Often, those who are tough to find gifts for aren't picky or obstinate ā€“ they simply have all their needs and most of their wants met and the financial ability to continue to meet these needs into the future. If this is the case, a gift that gives forward (whether a heifer or pair of hens to be sent to a family in a developing country or a membership to a microlending or crowdsource investing platform can allow the recipient to feel as though he or she is making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.


Unless you're aware that your gift's intended recipient is on a restricted diet or trying to stop drinking, consumable gifts like food and alcohol are almost always welcome. You may want to investigate some high-end treats that it's unlikely the recipient would actually purchase for him- or herself; and as an extra thoughtful bonus, you may even want to select an assortment of items that originate from locations that have some special meaning for your loved one.

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