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Tips For Renting A Wedding Tent

Holding an outdoor wedding can be a wonderful way to enjoy nature and beautiful views. However, if you are wanting to hold your wedding outdoors, you may want to rent a tent for the reception. For those that do not have experience renting wedding tents, there are some tips that should be followed to avoid potential problems and complications with this rental.

Opt For A Tent With A Frame

When choosing a tent, many people will overlook the placement of interior support poles. These poles can make it difficult to arrange tables and chairs in an efficient manner. Also, they can get in the way if you are wanting to have a dance floor.

Luckily, you can eliminate the need for these supports by choosing a tent with a frame. The framing of the tent will provide all the support needed, which will allow you to enjoy the full amount of space afforded by the tent. Framed tents are available in a variety of shapes and designs so that you can choose one that provides the type of floor plan that you are wanting for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Add Insurance Coverage To Your Rental

It is an unfortunate reality that accidents can happen, and if your tent suffers damages while it is in your possession, you will likely be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the tent. To protect you against this risk, many tent rental companies provide their customers with the option of adding insurance coverage to their tent rental. While you may assume that you will not need this coverage, it should be noted that incidents such as strong storms can strike anywhere. Once the tent has been erected, it may not be possible to take it down in time to avoid damages if severe weather strikes your wedding. Should this type of event occur, you will be relieved that you purchased insurance coverage.

Pay Extra For A Waterproof Tent

Arranging a large outdoor wedding can be a remarkably expensive event, and people will often avoid waterproof tents as a way to save money. However, this could prove a costly mistake if rain were to occur during your wedding ceremony. A tent that lacks a waterproof coating will allow water to easily seep through, which could damage anything that is under the tent. By paying the additional cost of a waterproof tent, you can ensure that your guests will have somewhere comfortable to take refuge if a rain shower moves through the area.

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