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Three Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue To Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Part of planning your wedding means ensuring that your guests are comfortable while they enjoy your special day with you. That means finding a wedding venue that has the right amenities for your guests. Use this guide to help ensure everyone at your wedding has a great time.

Climate Control

Whether you've chosen to host your wedding in an outdoor venue in the peak of summer or in a remote location during the winter, you want to make sure that the place you choose for your event has proper climate control. For outdoor weddings, look for a venue that can set up tents with fans for guests to cool off, and ensure there is adequate heating in winter venues. Consider touring potential venues a year ahead of time so you can visit during weather that will likely be similar to the conditions you've chosen for your wedding date.

Access To Food And Water

Weddings can be all-day affairs, and making your guests wait to eat until the reception dinner starts can make some guests uncomfortable. This is especially true if you have guests with medical conditions. Look for a venue that can provide snacks or refreshments in between the ceremony and reception. This may mean choosing a venue with its own in-house kitchen and cooking staff. You'll also want to make sure that the cooking staff can accommodate any dietary restrictions your guests might have. Keeping your guests hydrated is also important, particularly for an outdoor wedding, so consider keeping bottled water in coolers available throughout the day.

Convenient Parking

Not all wedding venues have attached parking lots, and finding one with a private parking lot can be a great benefit for your guests. However, if this isn't possible, consider looking for a venue that offers valet parking. This means your guests will spend less time trying to find spots for their vehicles and more time enjoying your special day. Some venues might even offer transportation from the ceremony to the reception via shuttle buses so your guests can all travel to the venue together. Be sure that shuttles can be arranged for the trip back to the church to pick up their vehicles, and check to make sure that the church will allow your guests to remain parked there after the wedding ceremony is complete.

Work with your party planner to ensure all of your guests's comfort needs are met, and look for venues, such as The Manoa Grand Ballroom,  that offer these amenities. Additional considerations to think about might include access to clean bathrooms, coat checks, and quiet spaces for nursing moms or sleeping babies.

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