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Three Do's And Three Don'ts For Catering A Corporate Seminar

If your company will be hosting a corporate seminar, then there is a good chance you plan to serve a meal -- probably lunch -- during that seminar. Providing food for a large group of people is often more challenging than it would seem. Here are three do's and three don'ts to adhere to as you plan and serve the lunch.


Have the meal delivered. 

With everything else you have going on, you don't want to take the time to go pick up food. Even if you delegate this task, you will be taking away someone else's opportunity to be learning during the seminar by requiring them to leave and pick up the food.

Offer options.

Steer away from ordering just one type of food that can't be customized in any way. What if someone does not like that dish or can't eat it due to dietary restrictions? At least offer a vegetarian option and two other choices. People with more serious food allergies will often bring their own meal to seminars and such situations.

Let attendees know what time lunch will be served.

Either include the lunch hour in a schedule you hand out to attendees, or announce when lunch will be at the beginning of the day. This way, people won't be stuck feeling hungry and wondering how much longer they need to wait before eating. Diabetics and others on specialized diets often have to plan around the timing of their meals.


Get overwhelmed trying to please everyone.

A few options are enough. You don't have to get turkey, roast beef, ham, and salami subs just in case there is that one person who only likes salami. In a large group, there will always be a few who don't like your meal. choice.

Choose anything messy.

In a professional environment where everyone wants to look nice, it is best to steer away from options like spaghetti and pizza, where the sauce may make a mess on someone's nice clothing. Opt for tidy foods like sandwiches and salads.

Forget the drinks.

Most people like to drink a beverage with their meal. Offering just water is fine, but you can also offer some basic sodas or juices if you like. Of course, it is nice to have coffee and tea available throughout the day as you typically would at an office. Provide cups if the drinks you offer come in large cartons rather small cans.

For more tips, contact corporate catering services near you.

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