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How To Decorate A Wedding Venue On A Budget

Even if you're on a tight wedding-planning budget, you can still have the reception of your dreams if you get a little creative. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on fresh flowers or rent expensive furniture to transform any wedding venue into a romantic celebration space. 

No matter what type of venue you're hosting your reception in, such as a traditional hall, a rustic country barn, a local attraction, or even a rental tent in a friend's backyard, you can give it a personal touch with the right decor pieces. Look for budget-friendly ways to decorate, such as using items that you already own or even buying second-hand pieces from a thrift store. 

Another way to save money in the long-run is by using items that you can incorporate into your decor scheme at home. Avoid renting costly items that you have to return at the end of the event or purchasing one-time-use pieces.

Here are some tips for creatively decorating a wedding venue, such as Rainbow Gardens, on a tight budget:

1. Illuminate Cheaply

The easiest and fastest way to give a reception venue a romantic ambiance and feel is with the right lighting elements. You don't have to buy or rent an expensive crystal chandelier to hang in the middle of the room as there other ways to illuminate the space. 

Consider hanging white string lights, which you find at clearance prices after Christmas, throughout the venue to give it a warm glow. Depending on what type of space you have, wrap the versatile lights around poles, beams, or entrance ways.

You can also make your own table centerpieces by placing votives in glass canning jars or taper candles in empty wine bottles for a casually elegant look. Fill the jars with small items, such as seashells or vintage marbles, that match your reception theme for added visual interest.

2. Decorative Wedding Favors

Another way to reduce wedding costs is by choosing guest favors that work double-duty as table decor. For instance, fill small glass vases with handfuls of wildflowers, and set them by the guests' place setting to add instant color and charm. 

For a whimsical touch, set up a candy buffet table filled with sweet, colorful treats and have guests fill small favor bags with the goodies at the end of the event. Place brightly colored candy, such as gumballs and jelly beans, in glass apothecary jars, or fill paper cones with pastel-hued cotton candy. 

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