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Happy Halloween: Tips For Hosting The Best Harvest Holiday Party Ever

If fall equates to Halloween parties, do something to make this year's celebration the best yet. Create a spooky and memorable event for your guests, regardless of age, with some sensible and simple strategies.

Throw the best Halloween or harvest holiday party ever with these tips.

Set the scene. Nothing sets the mood for fall festivities like a pumpkin patch; set up your own in the yard or visit a local farm. Consider the elements of these venues that set your theme, like a corn maze, picking apples, and hay-bales, and recreate these elements at home. Consider allowing each guest to pick their own pumpkin for an inexpensive memento of your party.

Haunt your house. If you want to transform your venue into a haunted house, skip the gore and create a creepy mood with lots of vintage antiques. Illuminate your space with candles (battery-operated ones, to be safe) to cast a creepy-glow over your event.

Serve scary fare. Serve plenty of good, but scary, food for the party, including cocktails for adult guests. Make sure that the fare is more than mere candy; consider hearty charcuterie boards that allow guests to serve themselves. Give it some holiday flair with accents like olive "eyeballs" or blood-red punch.

Treat your guests. Give guests some fun favors for attending your event. Consider inexpensive rubber gloves filled with candy or trinkets, cute goody bags, or full-size candy bars wrapped in paper to look like a bat.  These favors are as fun to create as they are to receive!

Capture the moment. Don't miss a photo opportunity at your bash; set up a step-and-repeat for guests with fun holiday decor and spooky accents. Use your digital camera to capture pictures that you then print-out on a home computer to give to your guests after the festivities. Buy inexpensive photo sleeves with a Halloween theme at a local crafting store.

Keep kids safe. If you plan on inviting children to your event, take care to follow safety tips and suggestions to keep everyone safe:

  • Keep decorations safe and non-toxic for both children and pets in attendance.
  • Some costumes may make it harder for kids to see; make sure to illuminate paths, walkways, and areas well for safety and to prevent falls.
  • Pets can get spooked during costume affairs; keep them safely secured in another room so that they won't react and nip a child during your event.

Getting ready for a party? Use these tips to make sure your Halloween or fall gathering is the best ever. Visit party suppliers and event rentals to find what you need to set the spooky scene!

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