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Reasons to Have Your March Conclude with an Event at a Specific Destination

When you're planning an awareness-raising march and are thinking about where the march will begin and end, you've got a couple of ways to approach where the event concludes. One option is to march from one location to another and then have your participants disperse, and the other choice is to have an event when the march reaches the conclusion of its route. While there are reasons that you might opt for the first method, you'll find that having an event that immediately follows the march is a good decision. Here are some reasons why.

A Better Chance to Reach People

People who see your march go past and are interested in your message may not be able to learn much about it during the march itself. For example, if someone is driving and sees the march, he or she may not realistically be able to stop and run over to you to grab a brochure. However, if you have some people carrying signs that reveal information about your march-concluding event, this person may decide to drive straight to the event location and look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about your cause.

A Gathering Area for Those Who Can't March

Depending on the cause for which you're marching and the people who want to take part, it's important to realize that not everyone will be physically able to take part in the march. A common example is if you're marching for a cause concerning senior citizens. Many people who are elderly could find that a march, especially if it's lengthy, is too difficult. When you choose to conclude your march with an event, however, these people can skip the march and go straight to the event location, allowing them to still be involved in the cause.

A Strong Conclusion

You want your march to not only have an impact while it's taking place but to conclude strongly—rather than just sort of fade out as people disperse in a parking lot or other location. Choosing to conclude the march with an event of some description is a way to give it a strong conclusion. For example, perhaps you have a series of speeches at the event, or maybe you have children's entertainment while your march participants hand out literature about your cause to the children's parents. You may find that an event of any type that brings the march to a close gives it the strong conclusion that it deserves.

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