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Chair Rental Ideas According To Event Style

When it comes to seating special event seating elements, you'll find no shortage of chair types. To help narrow down your list of choices, consider picking your seating elements according to your event's decor style. 

The main purpose of special event seating elements is to comfortably accommodate all of your guests throughout the duration of the occasion. Their secondary purpose is to add to the overall aesthetics of the venue, such as a country barn, ballroom, or hotel conference room. While you can just use basic folding chairs, choosing more decorative or specialized chairs will go a long way in adding to the overall look of the space.

No matter what type of event-planning budget you have, you'll have no problem finding the right seating elements. The good news is that you can rent the chairs you need through an event rental company rather than purchasing them. You can also rent decorative elements, such as cushion, covers, and tie-backs, that will customize the look of the chairs.

You can rent chairs for any type of special event or occasion, such as a birthday or holiday celebration, a graduation or anniversary soiree, a bridal or baby shower, a class or family reunion, or a wedding reception. Chair rentals may come in handy for both large and small backyard celebrations. 

Here are some chair rental ideas according to your specific event style:

1. Casual Beach Style

Whether you're actually holding your event on the beach or it just has a beach-inspired decor style, consider renting tropical-looking bamboo chairs. These casual folding chairs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor celebrations and typically feature a clear, glossy finish as a slightly elegant touch.

You can enhance the appearance and comfort level of the chairs with cushions featuring seashell, palm tree, parrot, tropical fish, or any other beach-themed pattern. As another idea, drape gauzy white fabric from the backs of the chairs for an easy, breezy look.

2. Modern Style

If your special event has more of a modern decor style, you'll have no shortage of chair options from which to choose. As one idea, you can rental clear acrylic chairs, which will have a sleek look. They'll also take up minimal visual space, which is ideal for small event venues.

The acrylic chairs will complement everything from round glass tables to sturdy farmhouse-style tables constructed from reclaimed barn wood. For a wedding reception, you can even find acrylic chairs engraved with the words "bride" and "groom" on the backs as a whimsical touch. 

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