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Ways To React After Having Your Film Festival Submission Rejected

When you're a filmmaker, learning that one of your films has been accepted into a film festival can be a major achievement. This is especially true for a young or novice filmmaker, as hearing this good news can be a validation of your work. Unfortunately, if you've submitted a film to an upcoming festival, you won't always hear that your work has been accepted. It can be discouraging to have your project not accepted, but it's important that you don't let this news get in the way of your goal of making it in this industry. Here are some ways that you can react after learning of the rejection.

Prepare Earlier Next Year

Sometimes, a filmmaker's submission isn't rejected because of the quality of the film, but instead because of the application not being complete. If you're the type of person who tends to scramble right before deadlines to get things done, this approach may have been costly to you when you were working on your submission this year. For example, film festivals typically ask for different submission requirements, but if you failed to meet this list — perhaps because you overlooked something in your haste to apply — this may have been your downfall. You can learn from this situation by getting your application straightened out in a more timely manner next year.

Get More Social Media Interest

Film festivals are often attracted to submissions that already have a significant buzz that follows them. You might not have this situation if you're new to the filmmaking game, but that doesn't mean that you can't work hard to create some interest. One option is to think about a social media campaign that will get people interested in your production. The more people who know about it will increase the amount that those in the film industry are talking about your work. By the time that it sits in front of the selection committee, there might be such a buzz about your film that the committee is eager to accept it.

Make More Contacts In The Industry

Industry contacts for a filmmaker are always an asset, so whether you become acquainted with someone who sits on the film festival's selection committee or you just get to know some established people in the film community who can vouch for you and your work, this can potentially help you at film festival selection time next year.

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