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Corporate Event? How to Liven Things Up

Corporate event. Even the phrase feels like something dull. Sometimes it can be fun, especially if there are lots of free items and "goodie bags," but most of the time it is a lot of people dressed up in formal business attire, sipping drinks and waiting for the keynote speaker to say something. If you are dreading the next event your company hosts, you can suggest a number of ways to make it much more enjoyable at the least, and fun and exciting at the most. Corporate event entertainment services like the following are some of the available options to liven the event up. 

A "Who Killed the Boss?" Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are as popular as ever. Essentially, everyone is assigned a role with instructions on how to play (think live-action Clue; now you got it!). One person is dead, and usually, the boss of the business or company plays the unfortunate soul. This is a great way to have a few laughs and spend time working together as a team to figure out which of the other players "killed" the boss and why. Everybody dresses up to play, too. The rest of the planned activities, such as the keynote speaker and dinner or drinks, can actually be incorporated into the murder mystery party, creating a seamless event between reality and the game. Your event will be much more exciting because of this.

Virtual Reality Entertainment

If you really want to step outside reality and not just be a player in it, try virtual reality. Everyone in attendance steps inside a virtual world created by a program that is played out on the virtual reality headsets. Play collaborative games, choose what speakers to listen to, and what "rooms" to stay in for the event. Then it is simply a matter of showing up at the convention venue, checking in at the desk, receiving your virtual reality headset, and plugging in to enter. 


No one likes to sit in dead silence. Some corporate events can be a little awkward if everyone is simply sitting in the quiet. If some of the corporate events you have been to are like this, maybe what the next event needs is music. A DJ and a long list of music requests can turn the event into more of a party after any serious business of the day is done. 

Fun corporate events are a great way to give employees and employers alike a great time.

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