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Event Planning Tips To Help You Rent The Right Outdoor Tent

Having an upcoming event outside is a great way to take advantage of a large space and also the fresh air and beauty that surrounds the event in the outdoor venue. However, it is always good to be prepared for bad weather when you are hosting an outdoor event, so it is always a good idea to plan to rent an event tent to house your activities and protect your guests from a possible rainstorm. 

How do you order the right tent size and all the needed equipment, such as flooring, heaters, or interior lighting? Here are some recommendations and tips to help you find and rent the right tent for your next outdoor event.

Plan For Your Event Size

One of the first items you need to take into consideration is to decide how much space you will need inside your tent to accommodate your guests and activities. For example, if you are planning it for a wedding or party, look at the number of guests you will be inviting and what types of activities you plan for the tent's interior. This can include if you need to set up tables for dinner or other meals, if you will have dancing included, and if you need space for games or a birthday or wedding cake setup. Also, will you need room for the DJ or other music accommodations, such as for a live band or other performers?

Talk to your tent rental coordinator or your event planner to help you calculate the size you need inside your tent. They can calculate square footage needed for all your guests, any tables, buffet space, or an area for dancing, as examples.

Look For The Tent Features

Not all tents are the same. You will want to understand all the different features of a tent so you can rent the right one to make the day of your event successful. Talk to your tent rental coordinator about the option of windows for your tent. If your event will be after the sun has set, you will need to arrange for lighting inside the tent, which you can do with rental string lights or overhead lighting.

Be sure you also account for the temperature outside. If the evenings get chilly and your event will be later at night, plan to have tent heaters that you can switch on to keep your guests comfortable. Or, if the event is going to be held during the day when the heat may be a factor, you can also rent air conditioner coolers and fans to keep the space comfortable.

For more information, contact a tent rental service today.

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