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Off-Roading Tours: How Do You Decide Whether To Drive Your Own Vehicle Or Take A Guided Tour?

Off-roading adventures give you and a few friends or family members the chance to get away from civilization and experience the wilderness. It's more accessible than hiking since you'll be riding in relative comfort inside an off-road vehicle. If you're interested in booking an off-roading adventure, you'll often have the choice between booking a tour where you drive your own vehicle and one where it's driven by a guide. To learn more about these options and how to decide which one fits your group best, read on.

Self-Driving Adventures

When you book a self-driving adventure, you'll be provided with an off-road vehicle and a map that marks the tour route. Depending on the tour company, your off-road vehicle may be anything from personal all-terrain vehicles to a large jeep. You and your companions will have the chance to explore the terrain according to your own schedule.

While you'll need a drivers' license, you don't need to be an experienced off-road driver in order to participate in a self-driving adventure. You'll go through a quick course teaching you how to be safe and how to navigate the trail successfully before you embark on your self-guided adventure. If you've always been interested in off-roading but don't live in an area where it's possible, a self-driving tour gives you the chance to finally see what it's like.

Guided Adventures

Guided off-roading adventures allow you to relax without having to do any of the driving yourself. Your guide will take you along a set route through the wilderness, and these routes are usually designed to show off as much of the natural terrain's beauty as possible. One benefit of having a guide with you is that they're able to give you more information about the animals and plants that you'll see during the tour. They'll also share information about the history of the area along with any local legends. Some guided tours also allow you to exit the vehicle and walk around the trail in order to take pictures.

You don't have as much freedom with a guided off-roading adventure, but you do have the benefit of having an experienced guide along with you. You don't have to worry about getting lost, even in inclement weather. These types of off-roading adventures are also excellent for families since guides are able to educate kids about the local ecosystem of the area you're driving through.

Self-driving tours and guided tours are both great ways to have an off-roading adventure, and choosing the right one for your group depends mostly on what you're looking for in the tour. If you want the chance to drive an off-road vehicle through the wilderness on your own, then a self-driving tour gives you the chance to do so. Families or other groups who prefer a more relaxed or educational adventure will find guided tours more suitable. If you're interested in getting out into the wilderness, contact companies that offer off-roading adventures and ask them more about the tours that they have available.

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