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How To Elevate Your Party Planning Services To A Premier Event Planning Agency

The average party planner makes an average of $42,600 per year. However, premier party planners make up to $120,000 each year. If you work as a party planner, learn how to elevate your business to become a highly-valued premier event planning agency.

1. Include Luxurious Words in Your Business Name

It's all in a name. Tell clients right away that you offer elite event planning services by including buzz words in your business name. Examples include:

  • Edmonton Elite Executive Events by Evan
  • Bellissimo European Wedding Planning and Gourmet Catering
  • VIP First Class Events

Clients will reach out to you looking for high-end services when you make a point to tell clients your niche in your company name.

2. Create an Impressive Website

To appear luxe, your business will need a high-end website that loads quickly on both desktops and smartphones. The website should include stylish pictures of your events, including galleries filled with high-resolution photos and videos from lavish events.

The website tone should match your brand personality. Use eligible yet elegant font, classic colors, and an open format. 

The website should also have easy-to-find information and organized processes. Wedding planning can get chaotic, but you want to create an aura of calmness over mayhem in communications with clients, starting with the website.

3. Create Relationships With Luxurious Venues and Gourmet Caterers

You offer luxury in the form of taking on the responsibility of a person's priceless memories. You also need to provide luxury in the form of venues and food. 

Establish relationships with diverse vendors in your area to learn rates and requirements to reserve a date in advance. Over time, frequent vendors may offer you special pricing unavailable through normal reservationists.

Create a binder that covers dining options at each venue. Update menus and pricing with venues each season to prevent miscommunication.

4. Aim High 

As a business owner, you market your services to a certain demographic. To get large accounts, you need to promote yourself to the right people and network with the right crowds. Casually pass out your card at country clubs and events thrown by prestigious organizations. Do not be afraid to tell the CEO of a company or a celebrity that you can offer your services for their daughter's wedding or their next corporate event. Of course, don't let the lead think you offer your services to anyone.

When you market yourself as an exclusive event planning agency, you want to appear successful and busy. However, you'll be happy to do a favor for acquaintances who want the best party planning services possible. 


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Learning About Fun Activities Planning For Events

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