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Renting A Bounce House For Your Child's Party

A bounce house can be a major attraction and activity for your child's birthday party. Luckily, there are bounce house rental services that can make it easy to provide this for your child's party, but there will still be some steps that you will need to take when planning for this part of the party.

Scout A Suitable Area For The Bounce House

Scouting a location for the rental bounce house to be placed can be an important step in your planning process, and you may want to have this be one of the first things that you do. A bounce house will need a spot that is both large and flat so that it will have enough space to comfortably rest on the ground. Furthermore, the bounce house will have to be properly anchored. The large size and relatively light weight of a bounce house could put it at risk of being moved by the wind if it is not properly secured. Luckily, a bounce house rental service will generally provide anchor spikes that can be inserted into the ground to hold the bounce house in place.

Insure The Bounce House

For the duration of the rental period, you will be responsible for the bounce house. Unfortunately, there can be potential sources of damage that could result in you being liable for the repairs that the bounce house may require. However, there are options for protecting yourself from this risk. One example of this could be your ability to purchase an insurance policy from the rental service. This policy will provide you with coverage in the event that the bounce house suffers damage from storms, accidents, or other routine threats. The cost of this type of insurance will be a marginal addition to your bounce house rental costs, but it can provide extensive financial protection.

Follow The Occupancy Limits For The Bounce House

Any bounce house that you choose will have an occupancy limit, and it will be necessary for the safety of both the children using the bounce house as well as the bounce house itself to adhere to this limit. Otherwise, there may be a far greater risk of the children using the bounce house colliding with each other or the weight capacity of the bounce house being exceeded. Designating a parent or other responsible party to enforce the rules for the bounce house can help to minimize the risk of this limit being exceeded.

For more information on bounce house rentals, contact a company near you.

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