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Party Rental Ideas For A Christmas Gathering

When you're planning a Christmas party, you're likely thinking about what seasonal fare you'll serve your guests, and you may also be thinking about having a few gifts for people to unwrap ā€” particularly if there will be children in attendance. It's also a good idea to give some thought to what attractions you'll have available. Instead of trying to buy certain things, turn to a local party rental service. Many of these companies have large selections of Christmas-related items that can boost the fun of your event. While there are all sorts of things that you can rent for a Christmas party, here are some items that can especially be a good fit.

Christmas Bounce House

Bounce houses are popular at many different gatherings, and are particularly common at summer get-togethers. What you might not realize is that there are lots of bounce house products that are decorated to reflect Christmas. They use colors such as red and green, and feature images of recognizable Christmas characters such as Santa Claus, elves, and reindeer. The addition of a Christmas bounce house can be exciting for the children in attendance at your event and will keep them occupied for hours.

Christmas Carnival Games

Party rental companies typically have a wide selection of carnival games for rent, and you'll find a lot of these games that have a Christmas flair. For example, if you like the bottle toss game, look for a game in which the bottles are decorated in Christmas designs. Other popular games, such as "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," have seasonal variations that require kids to affix tree decorations to a large image of a Christmas tree. All sorts of these games are available and can be fun for guests of all ages.

Santa Cutout Boards

Another fun idea to consider renting for your Christmas party is a large board that depicts Santa Claus but has the character's face cut out. This will allow your event's guests to stand behind the board and put their faces in the hole while others watch and snap photos. Many of these boards have multiple characters with missing faces. For example, you might find a board that features Santa and Mrs. Claus, or you may find a board with a number of different elves. Children, especially, will have fun posing with these images and be eager to see photos of themselves doing so. Contact a local party rental service to learn about its items for Christmas gatherings.

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