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5 Reasons To Get Ready At Your Wedding Venue

Where should you and your wedding party get ready for the big day? While it's tempting to think that getting ready at home will save money, time, and effort, it may not be the best choice. Why? Here are five of the best reasons to use your wedding venue to prep instead. 

1. It's Set Up for Weddings

Wedding venues have hosted many brides and grooms over time. They know what's needed in a prep space. There will be outlets, mirrors, counter space, room to navigate, entertainment options, good lighting, and more. Let the venue do the hard work for you, and simply use their facilities. 

2. It's Already Clean

The 'getting ready' pictures are some of the most fun and personal you'll take the whole day. But you don't want a messy, dirty space as the backdrop. The good news is that you don't need to clean up your home in order to make this happen. Walk into a clean, decorated prep space and get better photographs. You may also be able to work with staff to help keep it tidy as the day progresses. 

3. It's More Convenient

The less you have to travel on the big day, the better. Don't risk having your attendants spread out throughout the city. Bring them — and vendors such as hair and makeup — to you in a public space. Be fresh and beautiful by getting ready after you've traveled instead of before. And make it easier for your photographers to capture all the action by keeping everyone and all the work in one place. 

4. It's Good for Storage

If you prep off-site, you will leave that place and travel to your wedding and/or reception venue. You leave those prep spaces behind. But they're not just useful before the ceremony. They're great backup spaces all day long. Use prep spaces to refresh or change before the reception, store your belongings, or have some private time with your new spouse. 

5. It's Often Included

Many venues provide spaces for both partners and their respective attendants as a package deal with the venue rental. If you will essentially pay for the space whether or not you use it, it could be worth taking advantage of. Even better, it may be free. 

Where to Start

As you tour potential wedding venues, talk with them about their prep spaces and choices. You may find that this little luxury makes your day easier, happier, and more successful. For more information on getting ready at your wedding venue, contact a professional near you.

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